Travel Schedule

This is my current travel schedule. Please fill out the contact form for availability or to request your city. When not traveling, I will be in Tampa, Florida and able to book all throughout the state of Florida.


JULY 2018
July 1-20 Tampa (can travel around Florida. Request your city!)

August 1 Chattanooga, TN*
August 10-11 Miami, FL
August 12-13 Ft. Lauderdale, FL
August 14-15 Palm Coast/ Daytona Beach
August 15-16 Savannah, GA
August 17-20 Atlanta, GA
August 22-29 Tampa, FL

September 5-7 San Diego, CA
September 8-10 Los Angeles, CA
September 11-12 Las Vegas, NV
September 17 Orlando, FL
September 19 Charlotte, NC
September 20-21 Durham/Raleigh, NC
September 22 Asheville, NC
September 23 Greenville, SC
September 24 Atlanta, GA
September 25-29 Tampa, FL

Traveling with Masha Poses**

October 1 Charleston, SC**
October 3 New Orleans, LA**
October 4-5 Lafayette/BR/Lake Charles, LA**
October 5-7 Houston, TX**
October 8-10 Austin, TX**
October 12-13 El Paso, TX**
October 13-14 Albuqurque, NM** 
October 16-17 Oklahoma City, OK**
October 17-19 Dallas, TX**
October 20 Beaumont, TX**
October 22 Atlanta, GA**
October 23 Charleston, SC**
October 24-31 Tampa, FL