I am Nova Amour, a traveling freelance model based in Tampa, Florida.

My job is to make a connection; to reach within and emulate my own emotions and experiences and make a connection with others. When I model, I model with all of my soul. Modeling has been the most liberating, freeing, and mentally stimulating thing to ever happen to me. When I model, I feel most alive.

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Travel dates:
April 3-4 New Orleans, LA
April 6-8 Atlanta, GA
May 4-5 Port St. Lucie, FL
May 13-14 - Atlanta, GA
May  17-18 Nashville, TN
May 20 Indianapolis, IN
May 21-22 Columbus, OH
May 23 Pittsburgh, PA
May 25 Philadelphia, PA
May 26-28 New York, NY
May 30  Washington, D.C.
May 31-June 1 Greensboro, NC
June 1 Greensboro, NC
June 4-28 Tampa, FL
July 2 Asheville, NC
July 5-24 Tampa, FL
July 27 Naples, FL
July 28-29 Miami, FL
July 30 Fort Lauderdale, FL
July 31 Daytona Beach, FL
August 1 Jacksonville, FL
August 2 Gainesville, FL
August 3 Orlando, FL
August 18-19 Atlanta, GA